Frequently asked Questions

To make your experience a lot quicker and simpler, we have listed below the most common questions we are asked. In the unlikely event your query has not been answered, you will find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Help! I have broken down

No need to worry, you are in safe hands and help is on the way! Simply notify us on the AutoAid app, click here for more information if you do not have the app, or call us on our freephone number: 08001700400 or 01708963190.

Help! I am at home and my car will not start

Don’t panic, you can ask for assistance on the AutoAid app, click here for more information if you do not have the app, or call our friendly call centre using our freephone number: 08001700400 or 01708963190.

How do I collect my breakdown membership documents?

No problem! You can collect your Membership Documents from the customer portal where you can also update your details should anything change during your membership.
Click here to view and download your membership documents.
***you will find your latest membership number on your confirmation email***

How do I amend my membership details?

Changed your car?
It’s simple to change the main vehicle you use here “Change My Car".

Have you moved address?
If you have moved address you can notify us here “Change My Address" .

I have a new email address/telephone number.
It’s important we have your current contact details in case you need assistance. You can check or update the details we hold currently here "Change My Contact Details".

Is my partner or spouse covered?

It’s very easy to check, just make sure your spouse or legal partner are named on your membership documents. If you have misplaced your documents simply click here “Document Download”.

Will I be covered whilst driving in Europe?

We're afraid not, but If you are travelling into Europe, we can offer you separate cover here “EuroRescue” which covers you for the time you are abroad.

When does my membership expire?

No need to call, easily check your membership expiry date by viewing your documents here “Document Download”.

I want to renew

Most customers choose for us to renew their policy automatically but if you have chosen to manage this yourself you can renew your membership here “Renew your membership".

I only want cover for my vehicle

Not a problem at all, just covering your vehicle may reduce your premium, you can get a quote to cover your vehicle with our sister company, AutoNational here "vehicle-based cover". Please be aware though, a vehicle based policy only covers you in the vehicle stated on the membership.

My renewal premium is too high, how can I reduce it?

If you are driving vehicles that are 15 years or younger we may be able to limit your membership to younger vehicles. This may reduce your premium which you can check here "Younger Vehicle Cover".
Alternatively, you may want to consider a vehicle based cover with our sister company Autonational, click here "Vehicle Based Cover".

How do I stop automatic renewal?

You can opt- out of automatic renewals by pressing "Stop auto renew".

I don’t want to renew my membership

We would be sad to see you go, but if you do not wish to continue your renewal you can notify us here "Lapse membership".

I want to cancel my membership

We would be sorry to see you go, however, should you wish to cancel your membership you can do so at any time by pressing "Cancel my membership".
You can check our cancellation fees and terms here “Cancellation Terms and fees”.

I am having issues with your website

Please check you have cookies and JavaScript enabled and that you are using the most up to date version of your browser.

In the unlikely event that we have been unable to answer your query or advise you on how to proceed with a Renewal or Adjustment on our website using the help above, you can contact us by email at or by phone on 0345 600 6443.

Please be aware that amendments processed using the website are free of charge; however, we make a small £5 fee for any amendment we process via the telephone or email.