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Did you know that...nearly 7,000 vehicles in the UK break down daily?

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Initial payment of £12.96

Note: If the vehicle at the time of breakdown is 10 years old or over, the first £25.00 of the cost will need to be paid by you direct to the Service Provider at the time of call out.


You get cover for cars, bikes, and vans — all under one policy.

We cover you in any eligible vehicle you are driving.

In the event of a breakdown, use our handy free app to help us locate you.

We will fix your vehicle and get you moving from the roadside 80% of the time.

If your vehicle can't be fixed at the roadside, we will take you and your vehicle anywhere in the UK.

We will come to your home if your vehicle does not start.

You will have unlimited call outs.

We have a network of over 5,000 recovery vehicles and 1,200 operators ready to assist.

How would you like to enhance your cover?
Cover for Your Legal Partner

Extend your breakdown cover to your legal spouse, civil partner or common law partner.

Please note that if your spouse, civil partner or common law partner does not have the same surname as you, we may need to see a copy of your marriage/civil partnership certificate.

If you are in a Common Law Partnership you will need to provide proof of partnership, the following documents are accepted:

  • Joint bank statement
  • Shared ownership of residential property
  • Joint leases or rental agreements
  • Bills for shared utility accounts, such as:
    • Gas
    • Electricity
    • Telephone
    • Joint Utility Account
    • Joint Life Insurance Schedule
Cover for Lost or Stolen Keys
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Additional Cover

Everyone has at least once felt that panic of not being able to find their keys, with the dreaded thought of how much it will cost to replace them! An average modern electronic car key can cost in excess of £300 alone without the additional cost of replacing your home lock and keys so why not add key cover to your policy today for less than 25p per week and ease those thoughts and put that panic at bay!

This policy provides cover up to £1500 if any insured keys are lost, stolen or accidentally damaged, and you will be covered for:

  • Lock smith charges
  • New locks relating to all keys that are lost or stolen
  • Replacement keys on the stolen key fob
  • Onward Transport (costs up to £75 per day)
  • Vehicle hire costs (costs up to £40 per day)
  • Accommodation (costs up to £120 if you have no access to your home)

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Cover for 16+ Years Old Vehicles

Our standard membership will cover you in vehicles up to 15 years of age. This can be extended to any age vehicle.

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The average AutoAid call out time is less than an hour.